Dear blog,

I miss you so much.
I know I haven’t written here for a while, and I’m so sorry.
I will soon, I promise.

Forgive me?

PS. You’re the greatest thing to happen to me since ice cream-topped pizza.

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Vision Board

I’m kind of late to the party but today, I successfully completed my vision board. As has said, a vision board is a collage of images of things you want in your life. The idea behind the vision board came from the Law of Attraction, which is very similar to self-fulfilling prophecy. LoA in its simplest sense claims that the more you think about something, the more it will become real or will materialize. There are lots of references online if you are interested about Law of Attraction.

In five to seven years time, these are the goals I want to achieve. So here’s my board.

vision board

Left to Right:

1. Community Involvement
I would want to be more involved in the community. I believe there is a diferrent sense of fulfillment from sharing your time and skills to advocacies.

2. Self Love
I want to love me more. I want to stop berating myself for what I’m not.

3. Post-grad in Europe
I have two images for this: the and the one of Erasmus Mundus. I want to take my masters abroad. Since I don’t have a rich family to pay my tuition, the only way I could afford it is if I get one from either of those two.

4. My Own House
I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on this.

5. Committed Relationship
Paging all the forces that be to help me work on this one.

6. Travel (Switzerland, Greece and Spain)
The photo with the blue sea is taken at Santorini while the seemingly pastoral view is from Switzerland.

7. Writing
I want to write more, not just blogs. I want to write film reviews, short stories, news features, obituaries, et cetera.

8. Teaching
When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I did teach for more than two years, and I want to do it again.

9. Mantra
I want this to be my daily affirmation.

10. Good Health
I want to work more on improving my health and I want to be fit.

Monday The Magnificent


I haven’t been anti-Monday for a few years now. And it feels great. Gone is the dread on Sunday night. I don’t worry unnecessarily on how the coming week would turn out. Not that I stopped caring, I just become more accepting of the fact that work starts on a Monday. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I actually get a high on Mondays. And yes, all because of those kind of cliches in the self-help genre, namely, new start, new things, new tasks.

So before I alienate you all from my blog, let me shift gears and talk about the weekend instead. I hope yours was as good as mine or even better. I was pretty pleased with my weekend because I got to accomplish a lot on my to-do list. I got a few ones unfinished but then I’m not perfect. First off, groceries done. My brother and I would survive the next 2 weeks, hopefully, with our stock. Next is the laundry, of which 90% was taken care of my brother. Hey, he’s temporarily unemployed, ergo, he has to do 98% of the household chores. Says who? Says me, that is. Then, my bedroom is clean and organized again. Fresh sheets, cosmetics in their proper places, clothes neatly stacked and hanged in the closet. TV and DVD player surfaced dusted. Still wonder how and where it got so much dust. And did I mention fresh sheets? One of the best things in life, right? Also, Skyped with my cousin, Ves. He’s in Canada and is my favorite cousin. Skyping with him is a major feat. Hello, video call! Then there was the Chinese New Year’s party we celebrated midnight of the 10th. We had pizza, wine and lava cake. Hail, S&R for our food.

Now we come to the weekend’s highlight, which is one of my passion and yet also happens to be one of my fears, writing. I started blogging last year but stopped after a few entries. I just couldn’t do it. I came up with a hundred and one crappy excuses not to do it. Shoved it at the back of my mind and drown the thought before it could resurface. But I’ve recently resolved that I want to do this again, and more importantly, I want to do this every chance I could get. Anyway, my passion for writing and the lack of it sometimes is a topic reserved for a different entry or entries.

In the meantime, I’ll be working and ticking out my to-do list today while Monday, the magnificent bast**ard, hovers over my shoulder before heading off to a corner to sit and mind his own business.

Have a great week, mates!

PS. Would love to hear about your weekend, too. I’m sure mine’s pretty plain and vanilla compared to some of you. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

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Here Goes

I would very much like to congratulate myself for finally stepping on the yellow platform edge. When I was in college and almost everyone I know was blogging, I found myself not too inclined. I was not exactly a fan of the idea of publicizing one’s diary. That was how pretentious I was – is, and may I say, judgemental? Then came the revolutionary Facebook and Twitter, and practically everything changed, But it would be too simplistic to say that the proliferation of the so-called social networking sites and/or microblogging is what got me started. This has been long overdue. I have long wanted to write on a regular basis but kept procrastinating which was way too easy since I have already earned two MAs in procrastination, two different majors, mind you.

For so long I have kept from writing because of the belief that it takes commitment. And please note, that the first word of this paragraph is not I, which makes me want to go back to the first paragraph and change the first word, but to what, I don’t know, so that will stay. Going back, yay, third sentence that does not start with I, I’m on a roll here. Anyway, commitment is no joke as the cliche goes. It means writing every time an idea hits you and I mean, really hit you. It should mean not putting off writing because Twitter’s time line is hyperactive or that you cannot stop clicking news features on Huffington Post, much to Arriana’s delight. Yes, time line is two words. Thank you, Merriam. And those are just two examples of showing your commitment to writing. Needless, to say, there are more but you get the picture.

Also, maintaining a blog and/or writing requires passion, which I lack. As an individual, lack of passion is a double-edged sword. My biggest complaint is that even if I want to do something, I don’t want it bad enough for me to actually do it. But I want to want writing. Not so bad right now, I must admit but maybe later. I am not exactly hopeless, I suppose.

Hence, This way, please. I always want to remind myself to come here. And I hope I would often do. Image