Here Goes

I would very much like to congratulate myself for finally stepping on the yellow platform edge. When I was in college and almost everyone I know was blogging, I found myself not too inclined. I was not exactly a fan of the idea of publicizing one’s diary. That was how pretentious I was – is, and may I say, judgemental? Then came the revolutionary Facebook and Twitter, and practically everything changed, But it would be too simplistic to say that the proliferation of the so-called social networking sites and/or microblogging is what got me started. This has been long overdue. I have long wanted to write on a regular basis but kept procrastinating which was way too easy since I have already earned two MAs in procrastination, two different majors, mind you.

For so long I have kept from writing because of the belief that it takes commitment. And please note, that the first word of this paragraph is not I, which makes me want to go back to the first paragraph and change the first word, but to what, I don’t know, so that will stay. Going back, yay, third sentence that does not start with I, I’m on a roll here. Anyway, commitment is no joke as the cliche goes. It means writing every time an idea hits you and I mean, really hit you. It should mean not putting off writing because Twitter’s time line is hyperactive or that you cannot stop clicking news features on Huffington Post, much to Arriana’s delight. Yes, time line is two words. Thank you, Merriam. And those are just two examples of showing your commitment to writing. Needless, to say, there are more but you get the picture.

Also, maintaining a blog and/or writing requires passion, which I lack. As an individual, lack of passion is a double-edged sword. My biggest complaint is that even if I want to do something, I don’t want it bad enough for me to actually do it. But I want to want writing. Not so bad right now, I must admit but maybe later. I am not exactly hopeless, I suppose.

Hence, This way, please. I always want to remind myself to come here. And I hope I would often do. Image