Forget The Men. Pick A Guy. 2 of 2

This is a continuation of Forget The Men. Pick A Guy. This is the list of what men are like.

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Men tend to tell you what to do. Most of them are control freaks. This is both good and bad.

They check your tires before your big trip.

They say, “Call me when you get there” because they want to make sure you got there safe.

A man remembers to tell you the doctor’s office called.

Men won’t go into therapy to better understand their crazy selves.

A man takes revenge. You would never want to hurt his woman nor his children.

Men assume guys are boys who haven’t manned up yet.

Men don’t want to talk to women about their feelings of inadequacy.

Men have keys. They have the codes to alarms.

And I wanna add:

A man is often quiet that you wonder what goes on in his head and if he ever listens to you. (He does, unless you’re nagging him then he just shuts down.)

A man usually is absorbed in his work and chores. You would not want to interrupt him when he’s working.

A man rarely talks about his feelings. Sometimes never. But his silence speaks volumes, and you can see in his eyes the answers you are looking for. (Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.)

A man rarely shows affection in public. No hugging and kissing in grocery aisles. But he wraps his arms around you when you sleep.

Most men dress horribly, at best, neutral like jeans and sneakers or perpetually in boring shirt and dress shoes.

A man will not watch The Notebook with you. He likes The Fast and the Furious. (Totally fine by me.)

Jon Hamm and Armie Hammer are men.

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Key Takeaways of Coffee-flavored Early Morning Conversations

1. We tend to romanticize turning 30 (or 40 or 50 and so on). It is not bad. It is, in fact, inspiring and gives you the chance to know more about yourself and what you want in life.

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2. We get overwhelmed with so-called friends. It is okay to cut ties with people we don’t really care about. Instead, value our true friends and spend time with them.

3. One of life’s biggest tragedies is losing the sense of irony.

4. It is the truth that there are no awkward silences between friends, only comfortable ones.

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5. If you choose to see it as being stuck in a routine, then you get stuck, but you can also see it as a new story every day and savor the now.

6. That friend who’s truly special because you haven’t seen him in years but when you meet again, you talk and laugh like you’ve been doing so every day in the last four years.

7. Coffee shops late at night and into the wee hours of the morning transform into a library that caters mostly to med and law students who can afford gallons of lattes.

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8. Some people are more creative and full of beautiful ideas when they are in pain.

9. At times, it sucks being single but it rocks having fab friends. Also, a wise man (Yayo) once said, sleep is the new sex.

10. Lists don’t have to be ten items. Otherwise, grocery lists would look pitiful.

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