The Things I Want To Tell Other Women

1. Please stop slut shaming. Whenever a woman becomes a third party, she should get equal blame as the man she got involved with. Most of the time though, it is easier to blame the woman, which is just further proof of machismo.

2. If you are now with a guy whom you stole from another woman, the odds that he will get involved with another woman while he is with you is high. Everything that goes around, comes around.

3. Please do not judge me for forever wearing jeans and sneakers. They are comfortable and not against the law. If you do, then I’ll stop passing judgment on your stripper heels and how you look funny in that skirt.

4. Your mom would always be one of the best persons you will ever get to know. Tell her that.

5. Embrace sexuality. It is a gift. No one should make you feel ashamed of it, not the society, especially, not the church.

6. Most of us grew up in a culture where we are supposed to find men we’ll spend the rest of our days with. Some of us will do just that. Some will end up with more than just one. There will also be those who would end up with another woman. And others will decide to live alone and pursue other things. We have to respect everyone’s path. No shame in not wanting a family or children. Most of these people are mature enough to decide they’re not fit to be parents or that they’d rather do something else.

7. Try not to compare yourself too much to other women. It is hard but you can try. Each of us has a story not other people know about. If you always compare yourself to other people, then someone will always be more beautiful, smarter, bitchier, nicer, less smart, less educated and so on and so forth.

8. Stop berating yourself. Being a woman is hard enough. You have your period every month, have to deal with PMS, have to endure high heels, get squeezed in the train during rush hour, get leered at by drunks. Be kinder to yourself. You deserve it more than you think you do.

9. As they say, you can always use a man for misery. But really, most women would agree that nothing feels better than being with a man (or a woman) who loves and respects you. That is true. But being without a partner shouldn’t make you feel less about yourself. Truth is it’s just harder nowadays to find a mate. What with a lot of them turning gay and most of us getting stuck at work. But the universe works in an awesome way to balance things. So while waiting for that guy (or girl), just chill and stop thinking that there is something seriously wrong with you.

10. You are beautiful, not because of that makeup or that dress but because you are yourself. You are smart and should not be afraid of your own thoughts. You have a voice that should not be silenced. You are a good person with a kind heart. You are sexy and not afraid of what other people think of you. You are fair and do not go around casting judgement on people. Even if you are single, you are not alone because you have a family that truly cares for you and friends who are great people who make you laugh. You are a great person because you are a woman.

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