Buffet Expectations

Kangaroo Jack SM Manila

Kangaroo Jack SM Manila

I admit that I often find myself preferring quantity over quality, case in point, lousy buffets. To be more specific, Kangaroo Jack.

Monday after lunch, I have dragged my brother to SM Manila after I confused my DFA appointment from 18 to 8. The heat outside was a fraction beneath unbearable and we both had growling stomachs, not to mention him being pissed for my oversight. We wanted to scout the restos inside the mall but didn’t have the energy to do so. Then we saw Kangaroo Jack’s buffet, and the place being almost empty was kind of inviting for me. We’ve actually been to Kangaroo Jack before, and we know the quality of their food or the lack of it. But we were starving and we want a feast but don’t know where to find Cabalen. Plus my brother and I are non-believers of delayed gratification. Buffet is Php 220, which is really cheap for a buffet.

The pluses are:

1. Coffee Jelly Dessert


2. Turon


3. Pork Adobo (I think)


4. Chicken Macaroni ( Neutral taste, which makes it a plus)


5. Almost empty place

photo 3

6. Clean Restroom

"No, not the restroom" Photo source: dekaphobe.com

“No, not the restroom” Photo source: dekaphobe.com



The minuses are:

1. Nachos Sans Beef



2. Unremarkable Pasta

Pesto and Spaghetti

Pesto and Spaghetti

3. Uninteresting Bread


4. Bland Fish Fillet


5. Fried Chicken

Photo source: baffledchichi.blogspot.com

Photo source: baffledchichi.blogspot.com

6. Chicken Afritada


7. Overly Diluted Red Tea


8. Sad Excuse For a Pizza

Photo source: ph.openrice.com

Photo source: ph.openrice.com

9. Nausea-inducing Swirlies on the Wall

Evert contemplating another trip to the buffet table

Evert contemplating another trip to the buffet table

So overall, I won’t recommend KJ’s buffet unless you’re starving and don’t know of any other buffet places in the vicinity.