Half Of A Dream Kind Of Job

On April 10 just before midnight, I officially threw myself into the sea of job hunters. No, I did not quit my job nor am I dissatisfied with it. I was merely testing the waters as others might say. Plus it has been more than a year that I had been checking this certain company’s job openings, hoping for a vacancy that I’d be qualified for. And then last week, it finally happened. My excitement while updating my resume and carefully crafting my cover letter was accompanied by the guilt of some form of disloyalty to my current job.

This would sound defensive but the reason I want to work for this company is the desire to contribute more than just paying taxes. RepRisk is a “provider of dynamic business intelligence on environmental, social and governance risks for an unlimited universe of companies and projects. Its mission is to help clients achieve long-term success through transparency and risk management.” That’s a direct quote from their site. Basically, they have this database, which has a list of corrupt companies, especially those with environmental violations. They also have other tools that companies may utilize to ensure transparency and risk management. If you know me, you’d understand why I want to work with them.

On April 12th, I got a reply from Mr. Peter Ing, who just happens to be the Financial Data Provider & Sales Channel Manager in Zurich. Of course, you could just imagine my excitement when I saw I had an email from him. But my face fell as soon as I read its content.


I was truly disappointed with the pay scale. For a company such as theirs, I was hoping for a higher figure. The offer’s ceiling is even lower than my current company’s offer back in 2009. As my friend, Red, had said (he also applied with RepRisk), “I’m not sure how they got the figure but it was really cheap.”

I didn’t know how to reply to Mr. Ing’s email so I didn’t. I figure I could wait until Monday to send a reply. Or better, maybe he won’t notice my lack of response from the sea of applicants. But no such luck because at 9:19 a.m. of the 15th, I saw a new email from him.


So now I really had to reply. Not only would it be disrectful and unprofessional not to, I was also afraid to be blacklisted from the company. The problem was how to tell him I would not be pursuing the application because the pay is cheap, without me looking so financially motivated. But then again, me as a member of the labor force and yet also on a job hunt has indirectly tagged me as financially motivated. I settled with this short response.


What I really wanted to tell Mr. Ing was this:

Even if I had not pointed it out, I’m pretty sure it was apparent that I’ve decided not to pursue my application because of the pay scale. I believe it was not commensurate to my skill set and experience. I really would like to join your company and could imagine a fulfilling career furthering the company’s advocacy in transparency in the corporate world, though that may sound like an oxymoron. I could imagine the job fulfilling my desire to do more for the community yet I have to be honest that I also believe in financial stability. I would not want to sacrifice that.

Nevertheless, thank you for considering my application. I hope you find a suitable candidate for the position. If not, you can always raise your offer and maybe we can talk again.

Buffet Expectations

Kangaroo Jack SM Manila

Kangaroo Jack SM Manila

I admit that I often find myself preferring quantity over quality, case in point, lousy buffets. To be more specific, Kangaroo Jack.

Monday after lunch, I have dragged my brother to SM Manila after I confused my DFA appointment from 18 to 8. The heat outside was a fraction beneath unbearable and we both had growling stomachs, not to mention him being pissed for my oversight. We wanted to scout the restos inside the mall but didn’t have the energy to do so. Then we saw Kangaroo Jack’s buffet, and the place being almost empty was kind of inviting for me. We’ve actually been to Kangaroo Jack before, and we know the quality of their food or the lack of it. But we were starving and we want a feast but don’t know where to find Cabalen. Plus my brother and I are non-believers of delayed gratification. Buffet is Php 220, which is really cheap for a buffet.

The pluses are:

1. Coffee Jelly Dessert


2. Turon


3. Pork Adobo (I think)


4. Chicken Macaroni ( Neutral taste, which makes it a plus)


5. Almost empty place

photo 3

6. Clean Restroom

"No, not the restroom" Photo source: dekaphobe.com

“No, not the restroom” Photo source: dekaphobe.com



The minuses are:

1. Nachos Sans Beef



2. Unremarkable Pasta

Pesto and Spaghetti

Pesto and Spaghetti

3. Uninteresting Bread


4. Bland Fish Fillet


5. Fried Chicken

Photo source: baffledchichi.blogspot.com

Photo source: baffledchichi.blogspot.com

6. Chicken Afritada


7. Overly Diluted Red Tea


8. Sad Excuse For a Pizza

Photo source: ph.openrice.com

Photo source: ph.openrice.com

9. Nausea-inducing Swirlies on the Wall

Evert contemplating another trip to the buffet table

Evert contemplating another trip to the buffet table

So overall, I won’t recommend KJ’s buffet unless you’re starving and don’t know of any other buffet places in the vicinity.