Why It’s Not Safe To Talk About Music On The First Date

He was introduced by a family friend. An overall good guy with a clean cut, engineering grad who just passed the board. I was a sophomore in college and kind of wondering if he was going to be my first boyfriend. Although he was a nice guy, we were not exempted from the awkwardness of a first date. I didn’t know the rules and I was hoping to wing it. Huge mistake.

Him: Do you like music?
Me: Yes. Do you?

I was somewhat disappointed with the question because I thought it is a given that everyone loves music. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t. That should make it a fact, not a hasty generalization. True? But then again maybe he’s too nice to be presumptuous.

Me: What kind do you like?
Him: Alternative.

Alternative in essense is the opposite of mainstream. Alternative was, and probably is, cool. Honestly, now, I believe alternative, just like any other genre, was created by the music industry moguls to create a new market. The one to sell Nirvana, The Verve, Suede, Blur records to. (Did I mix alternative rock and Britpop?) Of course, when moguls create a new genre, they will be sure to sell everything that goes with it: the apparel, the lifestyle (may or may not include illegal substances), ideas (may or may not be limited to sex, abortion, marriage, divorce, dating, suicide) Clearly, you can now see how clueless I am in this or how huge the genre is.

Since I was in college when this date happened, needless to say, I was impressed when he said he liked alternative music.

Me: Who’s your favorite artist?
Him: Westlife.

Aside from music, I also like sarcasm. He was funny! Because I was nervous during this time, I didn’t laugh. But I did grin, which genuinely confused him.

Him: You don’t like them?

Sh*t just got real. He was serious. He truly liked Westlife. I remember Westlife when I was in high school because Swear It Again was on the radio a lot. But back then, I was a Hanson fan because, hey, they write their own songs and play instruments. I would go as far as say that the only thing that kept Hanson from being alternative was that they were hugely popular plus they had indiscernible lyrics. Mmm Bop?

Me: No. I’m more Nirvana and Sigur Ros.

College was the peak of my pretentiousness. But back then I didn’t call myself pretentious because I believe that if I have faith in these artists’ music, then I’d soon enough imbibe a life that is full of art, depth and meaning. Yes, I was a whole load of bull crap. I actually tried to read Umberto Eco!

Needless to say, there was no second date. He now lives in the Emirates with his wife and two kids while I am still a walking dating disaster. Also, a friend just pointed out to me that I now have a terrible taste in music. Truth be told, that doesn’t bother me at all. My playlist now includes Britney’s From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart because she really sounded cute then. And I play Maroon 5’s One More Night while I take a shower.

For the life of me, I ccouldn’t understand why I wanted to be cool or deep or poetic. I certainly didn’t look the part. Maybe it’s a prerequisite of growing up. Being pretentious is so not cool. Not that I’m saying I’ve stopped being pretentious just because I now admit to listening to pop music. I’m looking at you Twihards.

’09 to ’13: Ordinary People Part 3 of 3

And so the weekend saga of the now rowdy group on a natural high continues. This time they’re headed to Trinoma or for those who veers from acronyms, The Triangle North of Manila.

Photo courtesy of ayalaland.com.ph

Photo courtesy of ayalaland.com.ph

Why Trinoma? Red Box. What could be more Pinoy than a get-together belting out pop songs with cheesy video montage of C- and D-list celebrities at best.

Photo courtesy of synzmemoir.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of synzmemoir.blogspot.com

So here we are at Red Box with a playlist ranging from sappy Tagalog love songs to teen pop, 90s RnB and classic Pinoy rock, aka, Eheads and Parokya. Can you match the genre with the faces?


The classic duo can replace Jaya and Janno anytime. They can also do Boyz2men and Ariel Rivera among others. For parties and events, please contact me at 0906-xxx-xxxx.

Met and Ryan Takes Araneta By Storm

Met and Ryan Takes Araneta By Storm

The caption says it all for Lester, in more ways than one. Seriously, if you don’t care much for his looks, you’ll fall for his songs. And I mean really fall. Like off your seat? Rolling on the floor? Lol. Seriously, I’m selling him as the complete package. Looks, brains and voice. And a new car!

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved"

“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

Move over, Alicia Keys and while you’re at it, put ashes on your hair (in keeping up with lent) and weep for there’s a new girl on fire. And I mean on fiiiire. Pen not only rocks keyboards (the ones attached to monitors) but also microphones.

This Girl is on Fiiiiire

This Girl is on Fiiiiire

Now here’s the duo who conquered Madison Garden. True? True. And with none other but Taylor Swift songs. Love Story. Our Song. Never Ever Getting Back Together. You Belong With Me. If you want Taylor Swift with less syrup, more grit, then here’s the perfect pair. Plus these two don’t write songs about their exes.

Taylor Swift Can Rock!

Taylor Swift Can Rock!

Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears songs are a must at karaoke. If it’s not part of the repertoire, then that is considered a serious disrespect of your growing up years. So hit me baby one more time as long as you love me.

making faces

And the perfect finale was the group singing Pare Ko by Eraserheads. Of course, it must be sang Various Artists-style like paying tribute to the iconic band of our youth.

group -karen

And to cap the journey, here’s a photo relatively disconnected to this part of the adventures. The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is true in this case. We just don’t have a clue as to what the words are. So, lovely readers, if you would be so kind as to put an appropriate caption for this, that would be greatly appreciated. Captions will not be edited. Seriously no censorship. More captions, more fun. I wish there was a price for the best caption. Or maybe there is. Hmm.

Caption This!

Caption This!