Evert: XXVI on the 26th


Truth be told, he wasn’t always weird like that. Just like everyone else, he started as a seemingly normal baby.

bath time

bath time


Normal right?
Has a normal big sister too.


And a seemingly regular family.


Then he grew up. So did his sister.


And my, have they grown.


Then he got a Mini Me.

Sven: His father's son

Sven: His father’s son

A blessing and a little version of himself.


So you think he’d stop being weird, right?


Well, sometimes he does.


Cheers to my favorite brother in the world. The only one I’ve got anyway.

My frenemy but truly my bestest friend ever.
The chef and butler.
The entertainer.
The babyiest of babies, but second only to Sventypoo.

I love you to the moon and back.

Celebrate life and continue to be grateful for all the blessings you have.
I pray for your guidance and for you to realize your dreams soon.

Always choose to be happy.
And when all else fails, just sing Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day.



I’ve always been grateful for my friends. I can never stress that enough. You are one of the kindest persons I know, one of the smartest, too. Two licenses in the field of medicine is no joke. We laugh and we fight and we talk about babies and food and men and sex. And I trust you with a lot of things I don’t tell other people. And you can see right through me. And I can also see the truth behind your tears and what makes you smile. And you are a beautiful person and I care about you so much and I don’t say that enough.

And all I wish for you on your birthday is for you to get that car. If not, then, probably a guy. A man is just as fun to ride on.

Happy 31st, Jing.