Of Crowds and Fridays

Photo courtesy of hmdigiart.com

Photo courtesy of hmdigiart.com

Weekdays are hectic. The days go by in a blur of sweaty commute, hurried lunches, deadlines, office gossip, punctuated by his text messages reminding you that in another part of the city, he’s also caught in a routine and can’t wait for the weekend. Friday is a reward for the sacrifices of the week. But you’d have to contend with traffic jam and people flooding the malls due to weekend payday sale. And early summer heat reminds you that your feet are numb and you badly need a massage.

Then you see him waiting for you in the midst of a sea of faces, and you swear you can almost hear that The Cure song playing in the background. And the way he lights up when he sees you in the crowd is precious. You love this man and as he hugs you, you’re reminded of the promise Friday brings: that it’s gonna ignite the fire of a lover to burn through the darkness of your daily routine and the passion to satisfy the hunger to touch another soul.

The weariness of the whole week fades. The world is right again because it’s Friday, you’re in love.


I’ve always been grateful for my friends. I can never stress that enough. You are one of the kindest persons I know, one of the smartest, too. Two licenses in the field of medicine is no joke. We laugh and we fight and we talk about babies and food and men and sex. And I trust you with a lot of things I don’t tell other people. And you can see right through me. And I can also see the truth behind your tears and what makes you smile. And you are a beautiful person and I care about you so much and I don’t say that enough.

And all I wish for you on your birthday is for you to get that car. If not, then, probably a guy. A man is just as fun to ride on.

Happy 31st, Jing.