Little Reminders

1. Do not underestimate peanuts, especially when you’re starving.

2. The level of your boredom is directly proportional to the number of times you open the fridge, regardless of its contents.

3. The stupid shows you watch on TV will be intolerable when you’re sad but you would watch them anyway.

4. Perfect the arguments in your head before the actual confrontation. If the other party does not go according to your script, hit them on the head or kiss them passionately, whichever is more convenient and applicable.

5. Do not give up arguments by saying whatever or variations of the word thereof. It is lame and makes your stand wrong.

6. Tell the stars your secrets, they’ll never betray you.

7. Have fun with your friends as much as you can. You never know for how long they can tolerate you.

8. The world we live in, as they say, is just a reflection of you. You choose how to see and live it.

9. Tears are good and make you feel better, so does chocolates and alcohol and shopping.

10. Love is a choice just like what you’re having for lunch or what you’re gonna wear on Friday night. The only difference is love will hold you tight on the coldest of nights when the stars are lethargic and hiding beneath the clouds.

Rainy Mornings

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I used to find comfort in your silence just like when darkness shields me from the glare of reality. It can’t be blue skies every day. Sometimes the day is gray and the heavens cry but we both love the rain — the sound of it, the smell and how it brings childhood memories of pink dresses and ribbons and ice cream, and how you said that the sound of rain drops make for a good soundtrack.

I used to pray that the universe bring us together. Now I realize how selfish I was. I don’t see you often now but sometimes you show up in my dreams, some hazy visions of the past. You used to tell me that I don’t have to hide the pain behind my smile and that my eyes never lie. Well, then I’m just glad you can’t see me now. I am happy that you found happiness. I tell myself that every day until I feel like I can start believing my own lie.

And on rainy mornings, I stay in bed and look out the window and wonder if you still look up at the sky and ask why she’s crying.