A Not-So-Typical F Story

So let me share this “beautiful” story that really happened to my friend. Aside from this is too good a story not to be shared, I am also hoping that we would learn an invaluable lesson from this.

Some say, we live in a harsh world while others say that your view of the world is just a reflection of you. What I want to say is that despite and/or because of the harsh reality we live in, we should take the time to smell the roses.

To enjoy the early morning air.

To truly feel the soul of the music you’re listening to.

To appreciate a genuine smile.

To savor that kiss, that hug.

To reflect on the words that we hear and speak.

And all that jazz.

So here’s what happened:




Boy: I want to f*ck you.
Girl: Don’t say that. That’s crass. Please say, “I want to make f*ck with you.”



Just because you’re bang buddies does not mean you can’t be sweet. True? True.


(References: My friend and Ms. Shari VanderWerf @shariv67)