The Boy Who Left

The title would have worked better if the past tense of leave is leaved. Get it? Haven’t heard of Harry Potter?

So this is about the boy who left. Well, not really as much as the girl. Same old story, they were friends. Nothing special about the friendship though. What she liked about him is that he listens or at least pretends to. He would ask her about everything from commuting to food to shoes to games. She was happy to oblige. He would flirt from time to time but she would dismiss it and thought it harmless. Then one day he kissed her. She felt odd that she was not surprised. She would say the kiss was nice because she really does not have other words to describe it. It was not spectacular or terrible or boring. It was just nice.

Happy ending, right? In the perfect world, your friend becomes your lover and you live happily ever after. Well, not so much in the not-so-perfect world. Plus the title gave the ending away, didn’t it?

So moving on with the story after they have kissed. The girl vanished, not in the vanished into thin air fashion although that would have been way cooler. Just the classic 21st century kind of disappearing act. No text messages. No calls. No instant messages. No emails. Then they saw each other again after a few months. He asked her why she left. She couldn’t think of a decent answer. She simply said, “because I’ve always had the taste for self-destruction.”

And so the boy left never to be heard from again.

Feel free to share what you think about the post. I promise I won't bite or shoot.

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