My Comment On Fashion Pulis About A BV On A Corrupt Media Personality

Envelopmental journalism is prevalent, a sad reality in the media industry. Hypocritical self-righteous pricks who accepts payouts or negotiate favors don’t necessarily look like ogres or the bad guys. I mean, life would be so easy if the devil actually has horns, wears a cape and carries a trident wherever he goes; that way we would know who to believe and who to work with. But this also doesn’t mean that all the fuglies are saints. As the cliche goes, we’re human. So going back to the BI, my take is this could easily be any media practitioner. If fp is specifically referring to Mr. X on this blind, it doesnt mean Ms. Y is innocent or Mr. Z is a saint. But before we condemn them for abusing authority and fooling the people, think of the times you got off in a No Unloading zone or took a cab in a No Loading area or didn’t properly dispose trash or pay someone to hasten the processing of your driver’s license, etc. Now imagine yourself in their shoes being offered the world. Not even a split second of thinking how easy it is to just say yes and live an easy life? Now since you’ve established how pure at heart and saintly you are, go ahead and have fun casting stones.

PS. Let me be clear that I’m not an advocate nor do I condone corruption. I am painfully human, hopefully working to be more socially aware and responsible and still part-time self-righteous prick.

2 thoughts on “My Comment On Fashion Pulis About A BV On A Corrupt Media Personality

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