5 thoughts on “How Mature Can I Get?

  1. Hello Ma’am,

    I’m a long-time reader, first time commenter [how much AM radio can you get than that?]. This blog is, like, to die for. You are my Pinay David Sedaris. This makes you my Jovid Peris or Jobid Penis. Ha! I love it.




  2. This is so, like, amazeballs. Thank you, Ryan, for gracing my page. This is such a treat to my million followers and readers. I hope you inspire them to have the courage to comment, too. Plus, you have just given proof of how fun and dirty a person you are. Such a fantasticment!


    • Terr, dirty, in Ryan’s universe (and perhaps mine, too) is almost always a good thing. Thanks for checking this out (and loving this?). And now, I’m feeling so guilty for not having the time to write. Darn peak.


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